It's been a whole day I spending my life playing with my cutest cat . As far am i being a human, a cat is the best animal creation by Allah S.w.t . I just love it forever. Futhermore, cat always giving us a respect , they keep smiling to us , whenever they sleep often more than us. A cat never give up finding a food or finding their couple to produce more their catkind . I just love it .

I started adopt a cat when I was 7 years old . I still remember what name I gave to my 1st cat. " The cat I named is Mikey " . I love him so much. When I go to school, I can't stop thinking about my cat, does he okay or not. When the ringing bell of my school sounded, I running back to my house and playing with him, we have a wonderful day ever . But after 4 month, my cat died because he ill , my parents send him to the animal doctors but the doctors cannot save him be cause we are to late . My cat died coz of cat fever. I was unable to be as happy kid that day, I keep crying whole day, later my umi persuade me to stay calm .

I love you mikey !! I will never to forget you !

A mother of cat love their kid !


An energetic cat I found and taken from my brother friend house . A black cats and white dot with shorten tail was our chosen to be the next cats in my family. I taking him and put inside my bag when I doing cycling going to my house. Later I show it to my umi and my father, they all like and give permission to adopt him. I and my brother keep thinking what name we should put on . Then as we a fan of Detective Conan, we decide to choose sinichi as the named of the cat. It's hard to play with sinichi because he a very active and energetic also a mad cat ever !  He always bite my leg when I standing front of him . He very cute and I never scold him or getting mad of him.

Unfortunately my cats Sinichi died in tragedy  " secrets "


Gerard Way is my next cats till now. He still alive  ! alive !


  • Them give us happiness with theiy voice or smiling
  • They always protect us from mouse invasion haha
  • They keep love us when ever we out or in
  • If we bored, we can play with them ! For Sure !
  • Cats never scold us, or talking shit with us !
  • They never give us any trouble
My umi says

" Kucing selalu mendoakan kita supaya mencapai kejayaan apa yang kita idamkan, jangan sesekali mamarahi kucing atau memukulnya ! "

All my family are cats lover even all my cousin are cats lover !

LOVE CATS Is better than your price of world


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